Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Ghost Town...

6 March, 2018

I took a stroll round the perimeter of a block of buildings near the market. A cluster of several nightclubs, a ten pin bowling place and a world food buffet, now nearly all closed and up for sale. In the not too distant past this would presumably have been ,in the modern parlance, Peterborough's Nightlife Quarter. The only place apparently still open, Angels, which is a 'gentleman's club', has somehow managed to outlive it's neighbours Halo, New York, New York and the prophetically named 'Ghost'.

As I walked past the 'ghost' of Ghost I could hear echoing voices coming from inside. Then a fire alarm going off. Presumably down to workmen of some sort. But initially I imagined this was a spectre of some sort of disaster, a fire maybe. Or maybe a warning for potential developers (the buildings seem to have been empty for some time). Thoughts prompted, no doubt, from what I had read earlier about reports of the 'haunting' of the Queensgate Shopping Centre, where the laughter of spectral children can apparently be heard after hours.

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