Monday, 26 February 2018


Mon 26th Feb, 2018

Needed to buy lunch having left mine at home during my somnambulant departure this morning. A combination of biting cold and hunger made me dither in deciding what to have. Feeling harassed, I ended up walking (at some pace) down various streets adjacent to the main shopping area, hoping for random inspiration. Conscious of limited time and the need to procure an emergency umbrella to keep at the office. The threat of snow had reminded me of this necessity.

A lamp post on one of these side streets has a yellow sticker depicting the Guy Fawkes mask. The one associated with V for Vendetta and later adopted by the people collectively known as 'Anonymous'.

This made me think about my own anonymity while walking around. Am I anonymous? I hoped so. I assume that nobody takes any notice of me on my lunchtime perambulations. I imagine I just look like an office worker in an overcoat. On quiet side streets, when there are people, I walk with purpose to give the impression I know where i'm going. But maybe I've already been clocked as some sort of stranger. A Nosey Parker. Someone from the council. A spy. Or just a nutter.

I walked through the Queensgate Shopping Centre, having thought about going to John Lewis for a Fulton umbrella. The shopping mall was stifling, as I should have known it would be. Having briefly joined the blank shuffling shoppers, becoming one of them momentarily, I abandoned my search for John Lewis and walked in any direction to escape the overheated piped music hell. Not thinking clearly, having to give up the mini-quest for the Fulton.

Back outside, a hastily procured lunch at a chain noodle joint before securing a cheaper but far inferior Dunlop umbrella from Sports Direct. Then heading back to work slightly late and under-refreshed. But hopefully still at least anonymous.

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