Saturday 24 February 2018

On Broadway......

23rd Febuary, 2018

Friday, last day of my first full week. Short walk to the City Market. Curry and rice for lunch from the food hall (only £3). I'd planned to explore the market a bit more but was put off by Phil Collins' 'In the air tonight' being piped out of somewhere. Forced away by this unwelcome aural intrusion, I found myself on Broad Street.

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I was drawn to the Broadway Theatre. From the outside, more like a seaside theatre or bingo hall than something found on New York Broadway or in London's West End. Sort of  slightly dilapidated art deco. The white and blue tiny mosaic tiles have a seaside quality. They hark back to an age when public lavatories were not clad with plastic, were more prevalent and were free (but probably more dangerous).

The window above in particular brought back memories of holidays in places like Great Yarmouth in the 70s and 80s. The weird seaside architecture of swimming pools, changing rooms, amusement arcades and (again) public loos.

I noticed amongst the events scheduled for the impressively diverse forthcoming programme: 'Doomwatch'. Disspointingly not an adaptation of the 70s BBC science fiction series. The advert resembled a still from the sort of poor quality conspiracy theory TV often found at the fag end of a flick through the freeview channels. The headline 'challenging conventional wisdom, seeking answers' suitably vague.

I went back to work. Friday. Short lunch, early escape.

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